$40 Honest Company Voucher Only $20!

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The Honest Company was started by a mom and a dad who, like many modern parents, were increasingly worried about products made with questionable chemical ingredients. But the alternatives they found were often expensive, inaccessible, bland, or ineffective.

In response to this clear need for something better, they created The Honest Company to ensure that parents (or anyone for that matter!) could easily find natural and non-toxic eco-friendly products that are beautiful, effective, and affordable. From customized product bundles to diapers and wipes to cleaning and personal care products, you can find everything you need at Honest.com and have it delivered directly to your front door.

Great products call for a great deal!  Through July 31, head to Plum District where you can get just that!  Grab a $40 Honest Company voucher for only $20 to use on your choice of eco-friendly diapers, baby care, or home cleaning products.


Take a look at a few of the wonderful products this voucher can be used on…

  • Honest Diapers Bundle: Get a full month’s supply (based on average usage) of ultra-premium Honest Diapers & Wipes—never do a late night diaper run again!
  • Family Essentials Bundle: Enjoy a monthly shipment of the personal care & home cleaning products you need and use most—all which are derived from natural and organic ingredients.
  • Honest Sunscreen: This broad spectrum sunscreen is an excellent option for parents who want to stop exposing their children to the high levels of harmful petrochemicals found in conventional, mass-market sunscreens. It’s made from fragrance free, all natural (non-chemically based) ingredients, including zinc oxide which is the only sunscreen active ingredient approved for use on children under 6 months of age.