No time for the finances?
I've got you covered...

You're me, I get it.

There's just too many things to do and not enough time to do them.

Often this leads to important tasks slipping through the cracks, like managing the finances.

It's not that you don't care, it's just that there was no time organize everything, leaving you to rely on your brain to remember due dates.  

And what you consider optional tasks like budgeting? Pft...who has time for that?!

Like I said...I get it

You don't need fancy software or a binder filled with dozens of pages to take control of your finances.

While both of those methods have your best intentions at heart, often you end up needing more time to figure out the "fanciness" instead of just jumping in and getting straight to the point.

This is where you get in trouble.  Ditching the system mid-month because it's too complicated leads you right back down a slippery slope of overwhelm, missed bill payments, and busted budgets.

The Busy Mom Family Budget Pack is here to help!

The Busy Mom Family Budget Pack is everything you need to track income and monthly bills, create a budget that works, and pay down the debt that you've been buried under.

It's simple and to the point in one pretty little package!

Included in the Busy Mom Family Budget Pack you'll find three simple, but efficient, spreadsheets to help you get out from under the burden of mismanaged finances and on the path to financial freedom...

Monthly Bill Tracker
- track income, bills, method of payments, due dates, payment amounts, and payment confirmations

Monthly Family Budget  - create a realistic budget, track spending, and assign a job to every dollar of your monthly income

Debt Payoff Tracker - easily see all debts, balances, and minimum payments to create an easy plan that will have you debt free once and for all

With the Busy Mom Family Budget Pack you'll get...

  • Access to the exact (simple) system I've used for years to track monthly bills, maintain a budget, and pay down debt.
  • Both an editable Excel file AND printable version to track your income and expenses the way that best makes sense to you.
  • Fully formulated Excel spreadsheets that will automatically calculate income totals, bill payment totals, and budget won't even need a calculator!

Get your copy for just...