Shop Now, Pay Later with Layaway this Holiday Season!

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Christmas is coming!  You’re probably thinking you have plenty of time.  There is so much to do before thinking about Christmas…the kids still need to get in the back-to-school groove, Halloween costumes need to be purchased, and there are Thanksgiving festivities to plan.  While that is all true, if you wait until Black Friday to start your Christmas shopping you may be missing out on a few deals along with some options that might make financing your holiday shopping easier. 

Believe it or not, there is actually a sale schedule that the retail world follows.  Right now back-to-school, along with post-holiday clearance sales, is the best time to find deals on clothing.  Watch for deals on appliances in October and the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  You may find a great deals on certain electronics and toys on Black Friday, but the best electronics deals overall can usually be found in the early weeks of December.  Just don’t wait until right before Christmas…stores know that there will always be last-minute shoppers, so the need for a great sale to get people buying is no longer necessary. 


What if you come across a great deal now but just aren’t financially prepared to purchase it?  Lay it away!  Layaway allows you to grab the gifts you want while making a small weekly or monthly payment to stay within your budget.  Take a look at the stores offering layaway this year.  For complete terms visit the store or their website link below 😉

Days to Pay Open Fee Down Payment Cancellation Fee
Kmart 8 or 12 week plans $0 if initiated in-store 9/9/12 – 11/17/12, then $5 – $10 Greater of $15 – $30 or 10% $10 – $20
Sears 8 or 12 week plans  $5 – $10 Greater of $20- $35 or 20% $15 – $25
Toys R Us 90
(Must be paid in full by 12/16/12)
$0 through 10/31/12, then $5 20% with 50% paid within 45 days  $10
Beginning 9/16
 90  $5
(refunded as Walmart gift card when layaway is paid in full)
Greater of 10% or $10  –

I’ll be updating this list as stores announce their policies and as I come across them.  Know of a store offering layaway that isn’t listed yet?  Let me know! :)