Save with Affordable Pet Vaccination Clinics!

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I was in Petco last weekend picking up some food for my fuzzy feline family member.  At checkout I started chatting with the cashier about how busy it was.  I figured it was because Halloween City and Party City were right next door and we’re in full swing of the Halloween frenzy now.  She said that is was because of that and the pet vaccine clinic they were having.  Vaccine clinic?  Now that had money saving written all over it!  I mean when you go to the vet you are also paying for an office visit.  She gave me the website to find the next scheduled clinic and I took a look. is the nation’s largest provider of affordable pet vaccination clinics in local pet stores. Specializing in dog and cat vaccines, their state-licensed veterinarians serviced 420,000 pets and administered 880,000 vaccinations last year, in accordance with all state and local regulations.  The clinics are conveniently on weekends in 20 states across the countries.  There are many services available and even quite a few discounted packages.


In addition to clinics, also be on the lookout for local cat & dog vaccine clinics in your region.  If you are a local NEPA reader you may be interested in the clinic tomorrow, October 27, in Nanticoke.  There you’ll find many vaccinations as low as $10 provided by an area veterinarian.  I’ll be headed there tomorrow with one of my dogs…

Saturday, October 27
10am – 2pm

Nanticoke Tractor Supply Company
2456 San Souci Parkway
Nanticoke, PA 18634
(570) 735-5080

Dogs Cats
Rabies $10 $10
Distemper $15 $15
Lyme & Kennel Cough $20 each
Influenza $20 each
Feline Leukemia $20