School of Savings – Walmart Shopping

Walmart has lots of low prices and I feel it’s the easiest store to start couponing at since there’s not any “extra” coupons or rewards.  It’s just a low price coupled with a manufacturer’s coupon = great deals.  So here’s a little about Walmart…

First things first.  Here is Walmart’s couponing policy.  I suggest to print out the coupon policy for each store you plan to shop at and have it with you.  There are times when you’ll come across a cashier who is not familiar with the policy…so it helps to be able to show them that you are just playing by their store’s rules ;)   Here are a few highlights of Walmart’s policy…

  • They accept print-at-home internet coupons except for FREE products.  “Buy One Get One FREE” internet coupons are fine, just not FREE without any other purchase.
  • They accept checkout coupons (“Catalinas”)  These are the coupons that print at the register in some grocery stores, Target, etc.  Walmart will accept those coupons (even if they have, for example, the Target logo on them) as long as they say “Manufacturer Coupon”, are for a specific item, have a valid expiration date, and scannable barcode.  Note that dollars/cents off the entire basket purchase (Ex. $5/$10 purchase) are not accepted.
  • If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.  This is awesome!  This means that if your coupon is for more than the item you are purchasing, you can use that “overage” towards other items in your transaction or they’ll even give you cash back!  There are not many stores that will actually hand you money back.

Walmart also price matches.  Here is Walmart’s Ad Match Guarantee policy.  It is pretty straight forward.  One important thing to note is that coupons are accepted on price matched items.  For example, say you have a $3/1 manufacturer coupon for an item and see an awesome deal on that item at another store on sale for $3 and at Walmart that same item is $5, you can price match the item to get it for $3 at Walmart and THEN use your coupon to get it for FREE!  :)

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