Homemade Valentine Card Boxes Perfect for Holding Cards and Treats

homemade valentine holders

  That fun time of the year is upon us!  I love Valentine’s Day with the kiddos and making crafts for all of our loved ones.  The Grandma’s always love a great homemade Valentine’s Day card from their Grandbabies and now that my oldest is in school, it means preparing valentines for all of his classmates, […]

Indoor and Outdoor Winter Activities to Keep the Kids Busy and Having Fun!

indoor and outdoor winter activities to keep the kids busy

    Well…winter has officially arrived in my part of the country and with it comes kids in MY house that get a little antsy to get outside.  They want to run, jump, play, and NOT be stuck inside for days on end!  And with that abundance of energy things can get a little crazy […]

Super Bowl Party Supplies – Frugal & Fun!


  The time is almost here!  For all of our huge Football Fans in the house, it’s the most magical time of the year… The Super Bowl!  We love hosting parties in our house for the big game and now is the time to start stocking up on everything you’ll need to throw your big […]

The Ultimate DIY Bundle is Here! {Available January 21 – 26, 2015 Only!}

The Ultimate DIY Bundle

  Oh.My.Goodness!  I am just SO excited for this!!  The Ultimate DIY Bundle is finally here…and it’s PACKED with so many amazing crafting and DIY resources that you’ll have an instant library full of tips, ideas, and techniques for whatever project is coming your way next But wait, there aren’t enough hours in the day […]

Valentine’s Day Mantels You’ll LOVE!

The Frugal Homemaker mantle

  Looking for some Valentine’s Day inspiration?  Here are a few of my favorite rustic glam Valentine’s Day mantels!  Which one is your favorite? A girl after my own heart…take a look at DebbieDoo’s beautiful Valentine’s Day mantel featuring many dollar store finds! Another beauty filled with frugal fun!  Take a look at The Frugal Homemaker‘s Valentine’s […]

Super Bowl Party Ideas

super bowl party ideas

  Well?  Are you ready for the bit match-up between the Patriots and the Seahawks next weekend?  Do you have any idea who these two teams even are?  Haha!  If you’re only in it for the party, don’t worry… I know plenty of other Super Bowl enthusiasts who are only in it for the fun […]

15 FREE Organizational Apps

organization apps

  With a new year comes lots of promises, resolutions, and goals that we all make to ourselves about many things!  But one thing that is on my list EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR?  Organization.  Good Lawd, why can’t I ever just get this under control?!?!  Don’t get me wrong, I start out strong.  I get most of […]

FREE Organization Printables

free organization printables

  Organization.  It’s something I strive for and always seem to fall short of.  I swear I’m going to have meals planned out for the month and take all the guess-work out of deciding what to make every night!  Or… we are going to FINALLY get a large family calendar set up in a main […]

It’s Back! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle FLASH SALE!! {Ends 12/30/14}

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

  Rewind back to January of 2014 — you likely made plans back then for yourself. You perhaps even took up some new year’s resolutions. You likely vowed to improve and transform yourself… to be in better health, to be in better shape, to live a longer life. Fast-forward back to the present and tell […]

10 New Year’s Eve Party Foods – Fun Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Celebration!

10 New Year's Eve Party Foods snip

  Every year my husband and I go through the back-and-forth discussions about what we’re going to do for New Year’s Eve.  Both of us are WAY over going out and partying it up like it’s 1999, but we for sure still like to have a good time!  Now that we have the two kiddos, […]

Winter Break Activities for Kids

winter break activities for kids

  The Holiday Break is quickly approaching for my school-aged son and it will be two long weeks at home!  With Christmas and New Years’, we have plenty of plans that will keep us busy for most of the days, but I know that it will be a bit of a struggle to keep him […]

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas – Fun and Delicious!

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

  One of best mornings of the entire year for my family is Christmas morning!  Of course, the kids love to see what Santa brought and it’s a nice and relaxing morning with just our immediate family.  But personally, my favorite part of the day is creating a super fun breakfast surprise for the kiddos […]

The 10 Best Homemade Gift Ideas

homemade gifts

  I don’t know about you, but there are times that I just LOVE getting homemade gifts from friends and family for the holidays or really any time of the year!  I will take ANYTHING one of my kids makes me with their own two hands over just about anything else.  And when a friend […]

Holiday Traditions to Enjoy With Your Kids

holiday traditions

  Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year!  Every year the entire season seems to get longer and longer, but in our home, we wait until right after Thanksgiving to really start digging into the Christmas items on our to-do list.  Since we’ve had kids, the holidays have become even MORE special […]

10 Christmas Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Christmas Fireplace Mantel Ideas

  Christmas is such a lovely and magical time of the year.  Everything is decked out, Christmas music is playing everywhere, and there are many gatherings with our cherished friends and family.  I absolutely love decorating our house for the holidays and until a few years ago, I never had a fireplace.  Which means I […]